Dairy Farm

Our robotic dairy farm exceeds an average annual yield of 12,000 liters per milking cow.

Grazing beef cattle

Our beef herd grazes in the forestlands around our farm, and makes a major
contribution to the prevention of forest fires by consuming the dry grass before
the fire season strikes.

Poultry Chick

Our modern hatchery facilities process close to 20 million eggs annually, from our own farms as well as others. Our marketing company is one of Israel’s leading suppliers of day-old chicks.

Almond orchards

The kibbutz raises almonds and olives in its orchards. Our extra virgin olive oil combines
a unique blend of olives grown on mountain soil with olives grown in the valley, providing a unique rich flavor.

Hay Silage Straw Field Crops

Pima cotton, sunflowers, corn, wheat and forage are grown in the fields of the two kibbutz farms. During baling season, our fields fill up with experimental round bales produced by Tama’s R&D department. This is an ongoing process, as we continue to test and upgrade Tama products and search for the next revolutionary baling solution.