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Australian Prostate Centre impacts the world by developing and validating paradigm-shifting care and treatments for prostate cancer and supporting men and their families living with prostate cancer.

Under three key pillars Education, Research & Clinical Delivery we deliver blueprint models for best practice in prostate cancer care and management. Australian Prostate Cancer Research was founded to build a stronger prostate cancer research community and to promote and facilitate collaborative.

APC run the Prostate Cancer Centre in North Melbourne. Australia’s first comprehensive bulk billed centre primarily focussed on a holistic approach to prostate cancer, urological conditions and men’s health. It’s a one-stop-shop for prostate cancer patients, at all stages of the treatment pathway. For further information about the APC visit

For anyone experiencing prostate cancer, APC offer a private, personalised online support portal.

$5 from every roll of Blue Trioplus silage film sold goes directly to APC

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