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Latest technology seven layer grain bags made from a combination of remarkable new polymers, GrainFlex® bags are suitable for all human and animal grain applications, and performs well with modern high capacity in and out loaders. GrainFlex® bags are manufactured to strict ISO9001 QA standards from seven-layered co-extruded polythene film using the highest quality performance resins and additives.

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Grainflex® 7 SmartStructure Technology Tubes, manufactured using 7 layers of co-extruded polythene film and the latest technology raw materials

High Strength and Consistent
Puncture & tear resistance

Exceptional puncture & tear resistance

UV radiation damage Protection
UV protection

UV- protected for a minimum of 12 months in Australian conditions

High Quality Twine Uniformity and consistency
Premium Quality

Manufactured in Canada by RPC-bpi to strict ISO9001 QA standards.


GrainFlex® 7 SmartStructure Technology Tubes fit all 2.75m (9ft) diameter grain loaders.

Product/Brand Code Colour Width/Roll Length/Roll Guage
Grain Flex® 79260971 White 2.75 m ts (9 ft) 75 mts 250 µm

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