TamaNet Edge to Edge<sup>™</sup> 3150 M

Tama Edge to Edge technology is a breakthrough created by Tama, which enables the net to maintain its width when feeding onto the bale, so covering the entire face of the bale. This unique ability gives protection to the crop as well as helping to maintain the bale’s shape, reducing crop loss when handling and making storage easier. Tama 3150 m netwrap is the perfect choice for smaller operators.

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ZEBRA<sup>®</sup> System Stripe
ZEBRA® System

An easy identification for simple end-user handling benefit. The asymmetrical striping pattern across the width of the net gives the operator a very clear ‘left-right’ indicator when loading the net into the baler, and also shows clearly which way to unroll the bale when feeding out. The ZEBRA® System is also very useful in indicating correctly which way to unroll the bale when feeding or bedding by clearly showing the asymmetrical pattern on the bale.

Guaranteed Minimum Length Bale Wrap
Guaranteed length

Guaranteed minimum length of 3150 m.

Width Keeping
Bale coverage

Edge to Edge coverage.

UV radiation damage Protection
UV protection

High UV stability for Australian conditions.

Bales Carry handles
Roll carry handles

Carry handles.

Unique ID code
Unique ID code

Individual roll I.D codes inside each core.

TamaNet With Bale+ Technology

Bale+ is the result of combining a unique manufacturing technology with a special mix of advanced material. Only this technology can provide the perfect combination of:

  • ROLL CONSISTENCY - high performance baling, day after day, in every round baler and all crops.
  • ROLL LENGTH - for maximum baler utilization. 2 rolls can provide enough net to bale all day long.
  • NET STRENGTH – high net strength for maximum performance.
  • ROLL WEIGHT - the ONLY technology able to achieve both length and strength within a workable roll weight.
Product/Brand Twine Code Colour Width/Roll Length/Roll Approx Roll Weight Rolls/Pallet
Tama Edge to Edge 73310078 Black & White 1.23 m 3150 m 32 kg 36

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