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Supreme® HD

שם הכותב: תאריך: 15 May 2017

Supreme® was developed for extra large square bales. With its high visibility colour, contamination in feeding machines can be eliminated.… שייך לנושאים: Kinnears


שם הכותב: תאריך: 14 May 2017

A long standing and reliable twine from the Kinnears family, Contractor® is for general small square baling.

שייך לנושאים: Kinnears

Big Roll®

שם הכותב: תאריך: 13 May 2017

One of the longest serving brands of baling twine sold in Australia, Big Roll® comes from the Kinnear’s family of… שייך לנושאים: Kinnears

Sisal Binder

שם הכותב: תאריך: 12 May 2017

For use on round bales and sheaf hay.

שייך לנושאים: Kinnears

Sisal Baler

שם הכותב: תאריך: 11 May 2017

Sisal Baler has been rot proofed for long term protection against fibre deterioration in the field. Used for small square… Read more

שייך לנושאים: Kinnears

Sisal Silage

שם הכותב: תאריך: 10 May 2017

Sisal Silage has been developed for use under silage film on round bales.

שייך לנושאים: Kinnears
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