Silotite Sustane

Silotite Sustane is a silage stretchfilm manufactured using 30% recycled material. The significant proportion of recycled content means Silotite Sustane… Read more

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Triowrap loop

Your reliable and sustainable choice Contains a minimum of 30% PCR (post consumer recycled) Premium bale wrap which decreases the… Posted in: Triowrap.

Triowrap Plus Charity Box

In September 2021 The E J Whitten Foundation and the Australian Prostate Centre (APC) joined forces to build RULE Prostate… Posted in: Rule Prostate Cancer.

Triowrap Plus Charity Box

McGrath Foundation raises money to fund McGrath breast care nurses, who provide invaluable support and care to women and men… Posted in: McGrath Foundation.

Triowrap Plus Box

Trioplus™ is the new generation of balewrap. Trioworld have now taken the usage of material to the next level with… Posted in: Triowrap.

Tama Agtape Trio

AgTape is specifically designed to repair any holes that might occur in silage film after baling. Holes should be repaired… Read more

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Triowrap Box

Triowrap™ is a high-performance multi-layered silage film formulated for trouble-free wrapping. Manufactured in Sweden, Triowrap™ has been thoroughly tested in… Posted in: Triowrap.

Silotite Box Green

Designed for trouble-free use on all balewrapping machinery Silotite is the product of choice for farmers in 50+ countries. Manufactured… Posted in: Berry-bpi.

Silotite Pro Roll

Silotite Pro is an advanced multi-layer stretch film which has been designed for professional users with high output combiwrappers. With… Posted in: Berry-bpi.

TAPEX Sisal Silage Spool

Round bale sisal silage twine is untreated bale twine, perfect for the round bales that are being wrapped and won’t… Read more

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