Tomato & Vine Twine
Tomato and Vine Twine Spools

Tama Australia offer Kinnears tomato trellis and vine twine that is suitable for a range of plant tying and training applications.
Kinnears Tomato Trellis Twine is conveniently packaged in easy to use pre-cut lengths, to assist the professional tomato producer.
One measured cut provides 50 identical lengths.
Manufactured by Tapex, Kinnears Tomato Trellis Twine is specifically formulated for Australian conditions.

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UV radiation damage Protection
UV stabilised

Maximum UV Stability for Australian conditions.

Made for Australia

Made to Australian conditions.

High Strength and Consistent

Polypropylene yarn.

Product/Brand New Code Old Code Colour Length Length (mtr) Spools per Pack Pallet Qty
Tomato Trellis Twine 63990297 K008061 Green 15 m 50E x 80 1 108
Vine Trellis Twine 63990199 K008337 Black 16 m 9,750 6 36

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