Our culture of innovation

At Tama Australia, innovation, pragmatism and collaboration are the core values that drive us. With over six decades of Australian farming knowledge and unmatched international crop baling expertise, Tama Australia have a proud history of pioneering new products to help farmers achieve their goals. It’s this unwavering commitment to creating the very best crop baling solutions that has seen us become a trusted name with farmers across Australia.

We’ve built this trust because our team have an agricultural background and work closely with farmers and Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop products that can withstand harsh Australian conditions and perform in the field. For example, we hold the world’s largest round bale netting trails in Australia each year to benchmark every brand of our net wrap. For ten years, we’ve worked with farmers across the country and wrapped thousands of bales to test for application performance, strength, UV stability and any signs of deterioration. All of this means that farmers can have complete confidence that our products are fit for purpose and their precious crop will be safe.

Tama Australia field trials

Wrapping a pallet of turf with FlexNet