InnoVent Roll

A first-of-its-kind, very-ventilating Patent pending pallet wrap.   Less packaging material. Powerful wrapping for secured all around loads. Can be… Posted in: Innovent.

TamaCycle Twine Blue

Tama is proud to present:TamaCycle Twine – Baling for a better tomorrowThis high performance twine is the latest step in… Read more

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Tama is proud to present:TamaCycle Netwrap – Baling for a better tomorrowThis high performance netwrap is the latest step in… Read more

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Unprecedented length, unbeatable performance HD Prime is the longest HD Twine ever made, offering unmatched performance and versatility. No matter… HD Prime”>Read more

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IMPAX HD Ultimate

Ultimate performance at all conditions HD Ultimate is the strongest HD twine ever made, designed to tackle Australia’s most demanding… HD Ultimate”>Read more

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High density cereal crops and heavy-duty baling have always required at least 3-4 wraps, or even more… until now. Introducing:… Royal®“>Read more

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APP product image

Tama Cotton Support App Available on Google play & App Store At Tama we believe that premium products must come… Read more

TamaWrap BLUE Pallet and Roll

We’re happy to introduce Tama Blue, our latest innovative and cost effective, wrap for cotton modules. IDENTICAL CHARACTERISTICS IN COMPARISONS… Posted in: 360° of #blue protection.


TamaWrap® Pink is one of the projects we’re most proud of. It has all the features and benefits of TamaWrap+®… Posted in: McGrath Foundation, 360° of #pink awareness.

FlexNet Pro

FlexNet® Pro offers more elongation than ElastiNet® Pro, which provides greater stability in uneven pallets, such as turf and onion… Posted in: Pallet Netting.

ElastiNet Pro

The new & improved elastic net! Keeps its original width, enlarges wrapping surface and gives you more for less! ElastiNet®… Posted in: Pallet Netting.

TamaWrap YELLOW Pallet and Roll

TamaWrap® Yellow is an unseparated part of John Deere’s On-Board Module Builder Revolution which amazed the agricultural world when it… Posted in: 360° of #yellow revolution.

TamaNet+ 4500m Roll

With TamaNet you get the security that you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Once the baling season… 4500 M”>Read more

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Tama Zebranet Roll

Tama Zebranet™ for 5ft 1.63 M wide balers. Edge to Edge™ technology is created by Tama, which enables the net… Read more

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