TamaNet is made with a unique process developed exclusively by Tama. Choose the right product for your needs: We know… 4500 M”>Read more

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Tama Marathon Roll

Tama Marathon™ combines the well-known and trusted Tama Zebranet™ benefits of Edge to Edge™ performance with a very high strength… Posted in: Tama.

Tama Zebranet Roll

Tama Zebranet™ for 5ft 1.63 M wide balers. Edge to Edge™ technology is a breakthrough created by Tama, which enables… Read more

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BROAD-BAND XL™ is the ideal choice for wrapping silage and hay crops.  BROAD-BAND™ netwrap comes in 1.23 m and 1.3… Read more

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TamaNet Edge to Edge 4500 m Pink Roll

TamaNet Edge to Edge™ 4500 m is the longest netwrap available, allowing more bales per single roll than any other… Posted in: McGrath Foundation.