Silotite<sup>™</sup> Pro
Silotite Pro Roll

Silotite Pro is a technically advanced 5 layer silage stretch film from BPI Formipac. Offering farmers and contractors the triple benefits of an enhanced bale wrapping process, it allows for significant cost savings and augmented crop quality. In the field, the excellent puncture resistance, robust characteristics and tack levels afforded by this product unite to deliver a tough, high-performance 5 layer bale wrap that operates equally well for both day and night wrapping in all climates.
Aside from these excellent functional benefits, 5 layer Silotite Pro delivers a number of other benefits, such as better crop conservation due to an increased oxygen barrier, as well as smoother and less wrinkled film layers when applied to the bale. Importantly, this smoother surface means there are fewer opportunities for air to become trapped.

High Quality Raw Material
Improved oxygen

Improved oxygen barrier with greater resistance to oxygen penetration.

Built in Memory
Improved elasticity

Improved elasticity allowing 70% stretch on round bales.

High Strength and Consistent
Superior performance

Superior performance on complex high speed wrapping machinery.

UV radiation damage Protection
UV stabilised

UV stabilised for 12 months guaranteed protection against Australian conditions.

Product/Brand Code Colour Width/Roll Length/Roll Roll/Pallet
SILOTITE PRO 59755563 Green 750 mm 2000 m 40

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