Broad-Band XL 130x3150m

Broad band XL is the ideal choice for wrapping silage and hay crops. Broad band comes in two sizes, 1.23m and 1.3m to ensure it fits your specific baler. It is UV stabilised to ensure it won’t perish in the tough Australian conditions. It is easy to use with red end warning and easy to lift carry handles.

  • Suitable for wrapping silage and hay
  • Excellent coverage
  • Guaranteed minimum length
  • Universal. Fits in all balers
  • UV stabilised for Australian conditions
More Information
Product Description Code Colour Width(mtr) Length(mtr) Pallet Qty
BroadBand 1.30m x 3,150m 73327328 WHITE (RED & BLACK EDGE) 1.30 3,150 16
BroadBand 1.23m x 3,150m 73317328 WHITE (RED & BLACK EDGE) 1.23 3,150 16
BroadBand 1.23m x 2,100m 73217328 WHITE (RED & BLACK EDGE) 1.23 2,100 16
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