Kinnears Contractor Spool

Perfect for small square baling Reliable twine with a long Kinnears history. Contractor is perfect for general small square baling.

  • Bright pink colour for excellent visibility on and off the bale.
  • Perfect spool size, perfect for small square twine boxes.
  • Minimum guaranteed length.
  • UV stabilised for Australian conditions.
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Bright pink colour for excellent visibility on and off the bale.

UV radiation damage Protection
UV stabilised

Maximum UV Stability for Australian conditions.

Guaranteed Minimum Length Bale Wrap
Guaranteed length

Tapex offer guaranteed minimum length in all of their twines.

Product/Brand Code Colour Length/Pack Spools/Pack Packs/Pallet
Kinnears Contractor® 66235007 Pink 4200 m 2 40

1 pack = 760 bales*

* Based on 3’ x 15” x 18” bales size and 2 strings.

Our products are available to buy through all leading rural retailers.
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