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As a leading provider of agricultural silage wrapping products in Australia, Tama Australia is proud to offer Silotite® 5 Layer, a silage stretch film wrap that’s ideal for keeping silage in an optimum condition. This innovative bale wrap provides an effective barrier that prevents penetration of oxygen, maintaining quality of silage while minimising spoilage. It also offers UV protection for 12 months, making it ideal for use even in harsh Australian conditions.
Available in green, white 1500m roll length and black in 1650m roll length, this versatile bale wrap is designed to provide superior performance when used with high-speed wrapping machines. It also possesses great elasticity, achieving 70% stretch on round bales.

High Quality Raw Material
Improved oxygen

Improved oxygen barrier with greater resistance to oxygen penetration.

Built in Memory
Improved elasticity

Improved elasticity allowing 70% stretch on round bales.

High Strength and Consistent
Superior performance

Superior performance on complex high speed wrapping machinery.

UV radiation damage Protection
UV stabilised

UV stabilised for 12 months guaranteed protection against Australian conditions.

Product/Brand Code Colour Width (mm) Length (m) Gauge (µm) Roll/Pallet
Silotite® 59755503 Green 750 1500 25 40
Silotite® 59755501 White 750 1500 25 40
Silotite® 59755529 Black 750 1650 25 40

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