Trojan<sup>®</sup> Plus
TapexAgri Trojan Plus Spool

For more time on the windrow and less time loading spools, Trojan® Plus large square twine is a baling contractors dream come true. With 27% more twine per spool that regular Trojan® you’ll get an extra 360 bales per pallet before you need to stop and re-load.

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Icon Extra Length
Extra length

27% longer.

High Strength and Consistent

Excellent tensile strength & knot performace.

Icon Knot Strength
Soft on knotters

Low friction characteristics to reduce wear on baler parts.

Guaranteed Minimum Length Bale Wrap
Guaranteed length.

Guaranteed length.

UV radiation damage Protection
UV stabilised

Maximum UV stability for Australian conditions.

Product/Brand New Code Old Code Colour Length/Pack Spools/Pack Packs/Pallet
TapexAGRI Trojan® Plus 60213545 160224 Yellow 2800 m  2  24

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