TapexAgri Hercules HD+ Spool

Hercules® HD+ 1250 Metre is the strongest twine in the Tama Australia range. With higher tensile strength and longer length… Posted in: TapexAGRI.

Tama Australia Hercules HD Spool

Hercules® HD is the strongest twine in the Twine range and was developed in Australia for the new generation ‘High… Posted in: TapexAGRI.

TapexAgri Trojan Plus Spool

For more time on the windrow and less time loading spools, Trojan® Plus large square twine is a baling contractors… Posted in: TapexAGRI.

TapexAgri Titan PLUS spool

Titan® Plus offers excellent high strength performance and extra length, developed for large square bales of weights up to 750… Posted in: TapexAGRI.