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    Tama Australia continually invests significant efforts in supporting and improving its customer service. The company has 15 different storage locations around Australia to assure timely and efficient supply of the product. In addition, Tama Australia has a tram of product specialists to support its customers throughout the baling season.

    Tama Australia Pty Ltd

    Level 2, Beaufort Building
    3 Bristol Street
    Essendon Fields
    Victoria 3041
    Phone: +61 3 9361 8100

    Darrell Butler
    Southern NSW & Northern Victoria

    0407 559 709

    Phil Milgate
    Western Victoria

    0408 497 611

    Malcolm Rogers
    Gippsland and Tasmania

    0407 531 052

    Malcolm George
    Central and Northern NSW

    0407 130 133

    Jason Parker
    South Australia and Northern Territory

    0447 848 616

    Malcolm George

    0407 130 133

    Stephen Langley
    Western Australia

    0407 244 448

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