BPI Baletite Pro Roll

Baletite Pro™ is an innovative 5 layer pre-orientated film that replaces traditional netwrap in round silage bales. Specifically created for… Posted in: Berry-bpi.

Grain Flex

TOUGHER – SAFER- MORE FLEXIBLE Latest technology seven layer grain bags made from a combination of remarkable new polymers, GrainFlex®… Posted in: Berry-bpi.

Silotite Box

As a leading provider of agricultural silage wrapping products in Australia, Tama Australia is proud to offer Silotite™ 5 Layer,… Posted in: Berry-bpi.

Silotite Pro Roll

Silotite™ Pro is a technically advanced 5 layer silage stretch film from BPI Formipac. Offering farmers and contractors the triple… Posted in: Berry-bpi.